Policies & Procedures Manuals

Is your company compliant with industry best practices?

Settlement services providers are expected to comply with a plethora of state and federal laws, as well as industry best practices, relative to the handling of transactions.  These laws can be confusing, contradictory and complicated. 

To assist settlement agents, RELAW, APC has created a checklist for completion of client specific policies and procedures to address the core areas of concern relative to compliance with these laws and practices.

New clients interested in getting a custom manual can do so quickly through this website.  Just click on the link above to receive our checklist.  All you have to do is fill it out and submit it to us, and we'll get started creating your custom manual.

Existing client in need of an update; just send us an email or contact us through the link below to order your update.


Cost:  $1,250.00 for a new manual, $400.00 for an updated manual