Real Estate Brokers & Licensed Agents

At the core of RELAW, APC, are true real estate professionals, which is why we are able to provide top-notch legal services and counsel for real estate brokers and licensed agents. Real estate brokers and agents represent sellers or buyers of real property and real estate and work within the heavily regulated real estate industry in California. Our real estate attorneys can help to ensure that you and your business comply with your regulatory obligations, along with offering legal counsel on any daily real estate issues, such as licensing, customer service, and more.

General Counsel Services

As a real estate broker or licensed agent, you will face many regulations from the Department of Real Estate. Your business, therefore, requires specific legal policies, paperwork, and procedures to protect both you and your clients. RELAW, APC offers general counsel services for real estate brokers and licensed agents to secure your credentials and ensure you meet regulatory compliance. Our skilled real estate attorneys have helped many brokers and agents who own escrow companies, as well as many professionals who have opened new branches.

Our general counsel services extend beyond compliance packages and license protection, also providing legal advice on any number of brokerage or agent issues.