Natural Hazard Disclosure Companies

In the state of California, home sale transactions require a Natural Hazard Disclosure, or NHD Report. This is a high-quality report that lists and details hazard areas located near the home, along with other natural disaster occurrences that may affect the home’s future. Companies that provide these disclosures for homebuyers, also known as natural hazard disclosure companies, face serious legal consequences if a buyer finds an issue with their report or if they fail to comply with the legal standards set forth by California law.

That’s why it’s essential to enlist the legal help of RELAW, APC if you own a natural hazard disclosure company. Our experienced real estate lawyers can provide general counsel, representation and advocacy if required, and constant monitoring to ensure your company complies with all the relevant regulatory standards in California.

General Counsel Services

California is widely recognized as a consumer-protection state, which means natural hazard disclosure companies are held to the highest standards when producing their reports. The attorneys of RELAW, APC can help your company comply with these regulatory standards, along with providing general counsel on any or all matters related to natural hazard disclosure. Our specialized services can prevent future legal complications as well as actively support your case should legal issues arise.