Real Estate Dispute Resolution

Owning real property comes with a host of responsibilities, including the maintenance and management of your real estate. Disputes among co-owners, neighbors, contractors, service providers, and others are common.

At RELAW, APC, we fight for your rights in a real estate dispute, helping you gain a realistic resolution to your unique situation. Our experienced real estate attorneys can guide you through the process of resolving your real estate dispute, whether through compromise and settlement or litigation.

Mechanics’ Lien Defense

A mechanics’ lien is a legal mechanism a contractor can file to claim unpaid debt for services and materials. It is often filed in response to a homeowner refusing to pay for poor or less-than-satisfying contract work. If you are a homeowner whose home is being threatened by a mechanics’ lien, RELAW, APC can help.

Our real estate lawyers can review your case and determine if there is a legitimate claim given the amount of work done and the quality of the work. We can help you come to a settlement with your contractor, or may even suggest litigation to fight for your rights in court. Our proven strategies, litigation skills, and expert legal counsel can all be assets to your case.

Quiet Title Action

Quiet title action is a legal procedure to determine the ownership of real property and can be filed by any party with a claim of ownership. Submitting a quiet title action can result in litigation to remove one or more people from your real estate’s title, whether to move forward with a sale or the refinancing of your home. Quiet title actions require the knowledge and litigation skills of a real property law firm, like RELAW, APC.

Our experienced real estate attorneys can review your case and provide the best next steps for your quiet title action. While we will try to find compromise whenever possible, quiet title action can result in a trial. With our proven strategies and experience by your side, you can rest assured that your quiet title action is in good hands.

Partition Action Lawsuits

If you are in a situation where you and others claim ownership to real property and there is a dispute on how best to utilize the property, you might find yourself involved in a partition action lawsuit. RELAW, APC has experience in representing business partners, family members, and other individuals facing a disagreement with their property’s co-owners.

Whether there is a dispute over the sale of the property or a disagreement over how to use the property, our real estate attorneys will help you resolve the various facets of a partition action.

Neighbor Disputes

Fighting with your neighbors is never pleasant, but if your neighbor dispute turns serious, legal help may be required. RELAW, APC has experience representing real estate owners facing many such disputes, such as disputes over fence lines, trees or encroaching objects, government water pipes and easements, and much more. Our attorneys will seek compromise with your neighbor, and even pursue litigation if needed. As experts in real estate law, our team can review your case, give you advice on the best next steps, and help ensure a realistic resolution to your situation.