Estate Planning and Probate

Without estate planning and probate, your property, assets, and even children could fall into the wrong hands. Not specifying whom you want running your property after your death or in the case you lose the ability to manage it can result in the court handling your case or may even lead to someone unintended wrongfully inheriting your personal or real property, assets, and even children.

That’s why it’s essential to enlist the legal assistance of RELAW, APC for all your estate planning needs. Our qualified staff can help draft wills and trusts, appoint guardians, and even pursue probate litigation if needed. With our estate planning and probate services, you can protect your family, their inheritance, and the future of your property.

Probate Litigation

If you need to challenge or are being challenged on a provision of a family member’s or friend’s Last Will and Testament regarding assets, real or personal property, or another aspect, you’ll likely need to consider probate litigation. RELAW, APC specializes in litigation pertaining to real property and estate planning as well as providing services for other probate disputes, such as inheritance. Our team can pursue litigation to change a title, reappoint an administrator or executor, protect real or personal property, and more.

Whether you’ve been unlawfully left out of a will or are worried about how an agent is handling your loved one’s money and assets, our experienced probate attorneys at RELAW, APC can help. We’ll guide you through the legal implications of your case while working toward your best-case resolution through litigation.

Wills and Trusts

It’s important to set up an estate plan for your future and to ensure the future of your loved ones, which is why RELAW, APC offers services for wills and trusts. With the help of our experienced estate planning attorneys, we can help you draft a will or trust to ensure your real and personal property, assets, and other belongings are passed on to your heirs or desired recipients.