Title Companies

Real estate or property titles refer to a document stating who has legal ownership and the right to use a piece of property. In California, these companies that insure titles to properties are tightly governed by the Department of Insurance. As with many other facets of real estate, title companies and title matters are susceptible to various disputes and legal issues.

California title companies can trust the qualified attorneys at RELAW, APC to direct and defend them in all matters, regardless of whether they are facing litigation or just need general counsel services. We provide affordable and customized solutions to title companies using our vast knowledge and experience in real estate law.

General Counsel Services

RELAW, APC provides specialized general counsel services to aid title companies to manage their legal needs, either upfront or as they arise. We are committed to providing top-notch, cost-effective services to both small and large real estate title companies. Our team of real estate attorneys is well-equipped to handle document preparation and review, contract negotiations, title disputes, title fraud, and many other title issues. As experts in California title laws and regulations, our general counsel services will assist your title company in meeting the requirements of California law.

Title Company Litigation

If a real estate owner or potential owner believes that the title company did not execute their title reasonably, the title company may be held liable. While many title disputes can be resolved without litigation, in some cases litigation may be necessary. Title litigation requires expert knowledge and the litigation skills of experienced real estate attorneys, which we at RELAW, APC can provide.

We offer quick and specialized intervention in title litigation matters. Our team of title company attorneys will guide you through each step of the title litigation process to help you achieve peace of mind and optimal results for your title company.

Title Claims

RELAW, APC has successfully represented many clients in various title claim disputes. With our extensive background in real estate and real estate law, we supply the right tools to each title claim to help you gain a victory in your case.

In title claims that deal with ownership disputes, we regularly handle Quiet Title Actions and Partition Actions in California.

Title claim attorneys at RELAW, APC will carefully review each title claim case and advise you on the appropriate steps to take for a best-case resolution.

Cloud on Title Resolution

An outstanding or unresolved claim on a real estate title is referred to as a “cloud” on a title. Clouds can include claims such as no record that an old mortgage or deed of trust was paid off, failure to transfer all interests in the property, an improperly written or signed deed, a legal debt that is unresolved, or some other aspects where the title chain has not been executed properly.

The attorneys at RELAW, APC have proven expertise at resolving clouds on title matters. We will work to determine the logistics of the cloud on the title and provide step-by-step guidance to find a resolution and manage the title process.

Title Insurance Disputes

As with other title disputes, title insurance can be a magnet for policy claims or fraud assertions. Title insurance disputes, therefore, call for extensive expertise in California real estate law and title regulations.

RELAW, APC has experience representing title companies, title insurance companies, and real estate owners in matters involving title insurance conflicts. Whether you are a company or an individual with a title insurance dispute, our title attorneys will fight for a satisfactory resolution.

Regulatory and Department of Insurance Compliance

Title companies in California are regulated by the Department of Insurance and are held to high standards in terms of the thoroughness and accuracy of their work. These regulations and rules can be a heavy burden to title companies while justifiably trying to ensure that all specifications are met for each title. With decades of experience successfully advocating for title companies in California, the title lawyers at RELAW, APC are ready to assist title companies to meet their requirements in their regulated work.

Corporate Formation

RELAW, APC can assist individuals interested in forming a title company. We have extensive experience in document preparation and filing, fees associated with the formation, and any legal concerns that should be considered. Our attorneys will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help protect your business and ensure that the corporate formation process goes as smoothly as possible.