Real Estate Builders and Developers

At RELAW, APC, our attorneys offer customized services for a variety of real estate builder and real estate developer legal issues. Our firm has experience in numerous areas of real estate law, including subdivision law, small lot subdivision formation, public report paperwork preparation, construction defect and mechanic’s lien defense, and more.

Subdivision Law

When you build a group of homes intended to be a subdivision, you’ll require numerous disclosures, a public report, and an array of information and documentation to send to the state of California’s Department of Real Estate. These procedures ensure your project meets all regulatory requirements, as well as includes the proper consumer protections. Failing to complete even one of these procedures can prove detrimental to your project—and your business.

RELAW, APC works with developers and builders to complete all the proper legal procedures and policies so you can sell homes. We work with your chosen escrow company, title company, engineers, architects, and whoever else you may have on your team to ensure regulatory compliance across the board. Our expert real estate attorneys can also provide constant counsel and support as you move through your building, managing, and selling processes.

Small Lot Formation

In real estate law, a lot is a defined tract or parcel of land owned or meant to be owned. When you buy a lot as a real estate developer or builder, you have the option of subdividing it into smaller properties for multiple homes, living spaces, or other dwellings. While this process might sound simple, it’s important to comply with California’s regulations regarding small lot formation to ensure you don’t run into legal complications in the future.

RELAW, APC can help you follow the correct legal procedures regarding small lot formation. Our experienced real estate attorneys know which questions to ask, the paperwork to file, and the best ways to efficiently divide your lot into smaller properties.

Subdivision Formation

Legally forming a subdivision, or a group of properties or homes, can be a challenging process with the number of regulations California sets forth for sales, construction, consumer safety, and the management of new developments. The real estate attorneys at RELAW, APC can deliver support and counsel to developers or builders looking to form a subdivision, as well as provide and file the proper paperwork and policies to comply with all regulations.

Our team helps residential and commercial developers post bonds and obtain insurance, meet all the legal requirements of construction, file a public report, regulate commercial, residential, and mixed-use lots, and more. Many of our attorneys have worked within the real estate business themselves and know what it takes to build a thriving, successful subdivision.

Replacement and Amendment of CC&Rs

Covenants, conditions, and restrictions are ever-changing and multilayered. Local, state, and federal regulations all play a part in determining what is allowable in a homeowners association’s CC&Rs, and are often modified each year. To ensure your association is up to date with all regulatory expectations, it’s essential to work with an experienced real estate firm.

At RELAW, APC, our attorneys can replace, amend, or otherwise modify your existing CC&Rs as necessary, taking the proper procedures to register these changes legally. Because CC&Rs are specific to each homeowners association, they require the personalized attention RELAW, APC offers. Our attorneys will work with your association, local governing bodies, and other government officials as necessary when replacing or amending your CC&Rs.

Condo Conversion Law

Condo conversion occurs when real estate held under one title is converted into individually owned units, sharing common elements such as walls, a lobby, or a gym. By enlisting the help of RELAW, APC to guide you through the condo conversion process, we can help you navigate a complicated legal and regulatory landscape.

Mechanic’s Lien Defense

Mechanic’s lien claims can feel overwhelming, and as a real estate builder, it is essential that you have a sophisticated legal defense. At RELAW, APC, we have helped numerous builders and developers defend against mechanic’s lien claims. It is crucial to enlist legal help early to determine the best course of action for the particular claim filed against you.